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Halloween Horror Nights: Stranger Things is Turning Universal Parks Upside Down This Fall

Escape Vecna’s curse this spooky season at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.

By Benjamin Bullard
(L to R) Vecna in STRANGER THINGS.

Stranger Things 4 unleashed the sort of horrifically surreal sights and sounds that seem all but impossible to encounter anywhere but the Upside Down. But starting in September, Halloween Horror Nights guests at Universal theme parks will take their first intrepid steps into some of the most demented realms the series has ever seen — and yep, that even includes the twisted, blood-red mindscape conjured by Season 4 villain Vecna.

Beginning Friday, Sept. 1 at Universal Orlando Resort and Thursday, Sept. 7 at Universal Studios Hollywood, Hawkins’ deepest and darkest frights will come to life as the newest haunted house addition to Halloween Horror Nights guides guests straight into Vecna’s supernaturally malicious world. The Upside Down’s most sinister threat yet is already biding his time, as Vecna gets set to wage a hell-bent campaign to reign supreme by obliterating the delicate barrier between worlds.

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Check out a first look tease at the Stranger Things addition to Halloween Horror Nights below:

The spectacularly haunted tour is set to showcase more than creepy Stranger Things window dressing: The haunted house, says Universal, “mirrors the mind-bending twists and supernatural terror of Season 4, immersing guests in a heart-pounding experience alongside valiant characters from the series, including Eleven, Max, Eddie and more.”

As fans awed by the Netflix series know, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) squared off in Stranger Things 4 as the two most powerful human survivors of the infamous Project MKUltra science experiments to wreak chaos above the surface of the sleepy Indiana town. The series took some of its darkest turns inside the freaky Creel House where Vecna’s reality-bending powers rampaged, and Halloween Horror Nights is taking visitors back to the scene — alongside more mind-blowing Stranger Things places — as the attraction’s September opening date approaches.

“Guests will find themselves on the front line of Vecna's deadly attacks on the citizens of Hawkins while traveling through iconic scenes,” says Universal, “including the notorious Hawkins Lab, the enigmatic Creel House, and Vecna's chilling mind lair. Along the way, guests will confront their deepest fears and come face to face with otherworldly creatures like demobats and even Vecna himself. In a race against the clock, guests find themselves in the ultimate showdown within Vecna's blood-red mindscape, striving to escape and save mankind from his deadly curse.”

Few scary series have captured horror fans’ imaginations the way Stranger Things has, so bringing the show’s iconic characters, locations, and hair-raising story beats to life just in time for this year's Halloween season is a total no-brainer, says Universal.

Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights x Stranger Things Artwork

“From the opening shots of Stranger Things 4, episode one, we knew this was meant to be an experience at Halloween Horror Nights,” said John Murdy, Executive Producer of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. “We’re excited for our fans to live Vecna’s curse as we recreate the iconic and terrifying moments from the show,” added Lora Sauls, Assistant Director, Creative Development and Show Direction at Universal Orlando Resort.

All event tickets are now on sale for Halloween Horror Nights at both Universal parks, with the harrowing challenge of escaping Vecna’s curse kicking off Sept. 1 at Universal Orlando Resort and Sept. 7 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Click here to explore all of this year's themed haunted house terrors, and to score your Stranger Things attraction tickets — already on sale to make your terrifyingly twisted date with Vecna.