KJ McCormick

KJ became interested in the paranormal at an early age. After visiting a family home in New England and having an interactive experience with an apparition, KJ has been on his own personal quest to find "true" paranormal activity, from a technical and spiritual (not religious) point of view, and to seek out the answers to his own questions about the life beyond.

Jason and KJ grew up in the same neighborhood and reconnected during an investigation at the Stanley Hotel. KJ believes his experiences and passions about the paranormal, as well as his desire to seek out the truth, are what lead him to become a member of TAPS.

A dedicated family man, KJ enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and camping with his wife and son. He's also an avid music lover who enjoys playing bass and keys with a local band when he's back home in Denver, Colorado.

You can follow him on Twitter @mistakj