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Why Does Chucky Hate Santa? His Complicated Relationship with Christmas Explained

Chucky made his biggest move from the White House yet, and his target may surprise some people. 

By Tyler McCarthy
We're Gonna Play a New Game: Chucky S3 E6 Sneak Peek

SPOILER ALERT! This article will discuss "Panic Room," Season 3, Episode 6 of Chucky.

In Episode 6 of Chucky Season 3, everyone’s favorite killer doll gets in the Christmas spirit a little early… in his own way, of course. 

How to Watch

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Episode 6 ends with Chucky (Brad Dourif) dying in perhaps the most significant and potentially permanent way he ever has. While we wait to see what happens with Chucky in the afterlife, some may be confused about his last villainous act in life — blowing up the North Pole. 

Once he'd killed his way to the War Room, Chucky decided to launch nukes at highly populated targets around the world, but it was his decision to go after one specific target, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, that may have some fans perplexed. After taking a shot at M3GAN in Episode 5, Chucky seems like he's going after all his enemies. 

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Why Does Chucky Hate Santa Claus?

President James Collins (Devon Sawa), Chucky, and Henry Collins (Callum Vinson) walk through a hallway in Chucky Episode 306.

Chucky decided that the last thing he’d do, in addition to racking up a record-breaking kill count with nuclear weapons, was to make sure kids all over the world knew there was no more Santa since he dropped a bomb on him and the elves. In fact, when our trio of survivors came to stop him, he was only able to get off one nuke. With an emphatic “f--k Santa!” as his last words, Chucky launched one of the United States’ nuclear weapons at the North Pole.

So, does Chucky have a specific gripe against the man in red? Not really. But Santa being synonymous with joy and merriment doesn’t really jive well with Chucky’s whole murder and mayhem vibe. And, what does Chucky do with people he doesn’t get along with? Murders them, of course. That’s why he decided to make his final act as a killer doll a nuclear strike on the North Pole. 

Chucky’s Connection to Christmas

Chucky Yule Log SYFY PRESS

Chucky is really more of a Halloween guy, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten in the Christmas spirit in the past. His relationship to making Christmas a bloody affair dates back to his fifth movie, Seed of Chucky, which opens with him and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) killing a down on his luck mall Santa (Jason Flemyng) who made his way to a cemetery where the duo was making their way back to life. Now, it turns out that was all part of a movie set (it’s complicated) but it was the first time viewers got to see Chucky in a Christmas setting. However, it would not be the last. 

In Chucky Season 2, the finale saw Chucky come down the chimney to launch a gruesome attack on the show’s trio of survivors. Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) and Jake (Zackary Arthur). While he failed to get them, he managed to split Lexy’s mother (Barbara Alyn Woods) in half with a chainsaw. Again, a far cry from caroling and eating milk and cookies, but we all celebrate in our own ways.

However, if you really want to inject some Chucky into your holidays, you can head on over to Peacock and put on the Chucky Yule Log, which will give you an uninterrupted hour of Charles Lee Ray in an ugly sweater relaxing by a fire… watching you ever vigilantly. 

Catch new episodes of Chucky on USA Network and SYFY and catch up on past episodes on Peacock.

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