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Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk Says Harry's Got a "Kinky" Enemy and a New Mission in Season 3

Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk and series creator Chris Sheridan tease the Season 3 antagonists who will be vexing a very irked Harry Vanderspeigle.

By Tara Bennett
Harry, Team Player: Resident Alien S3 E1 Sneak Peek

When last we saw alien Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) in "I Believe in Aliens," the second season finale of Resident Alien, he had just sent his progeny, baby Bridget, back to his home world. The baby flew away via the pod revealed to him by the Grey-human hybrid, Joseph (Enver Gjokaj). And then General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) sent her soldiers to bring Harry back to her military lair for a little heart-to-heart. As the pair entered a super secret elevator entrance to her underground compound, we were left to wonder what trouble these two were going to get into in Season 3. 

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With Resident Alien finally back on February 14 at 10/9c on SYFY (and next day on Peacock), SYFY WIRE spoke with Tudyk and series creator Chris Sheridan about the now-revealed "Big Bad" of the series — The Greys — and what Harry thinks of working from the inside with General McCallister to stop them.

Alan Tudyk says Harry has new purpose in Season 3 of Resident Alien 

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 13

By the end of Season 2, the series revealed that the Greys were already living among humans on Earth for a long time in pursuit of some secret purpose. Deciding to fully commit to thwarting this rival alien race, Tudyk said this season will find Harry pursuing parallel goals.

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"He does not like the Greys," Tudyk emphasized in Harry's voice. "He is out to save Earth this season, which is very far from where he started with the series in Season 1. He was here to destroy all human life on the Earth and now he's out to save the Earth.

"And it's easy for him to focus on destroying the Greys because he does not like them. They're disgusting. And they're kinky, weird, you know, with their science ideas," he joked.

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Excited about getting to play Harry trying to outwit an alien adversary this year, Tudyk said the Greys are pretty baffled by his character's behavior in general. "They gave him a spaceship to leave and he didn't leave," he recapped. "Joseph comes to Harry's work to figure out what's going on and ask why are you still here?"

In turn, Tudyk said that Harry is tasked with figuring out what the Greys are planning to do to Earth. "It's a race against time," he teased. "Why are they here in the first place? While the Greys just want to get rid of Harry, and get him out!"

Chris Sheridan is upping the show's extraterrestrial game in Season 3

Sheriff Mike Thompson and Joseph Rainier are seen look at each other through blinds in Resident Alien Episode 301.

As always, Resident Alien creator Chris Sheridan did not hold back when it came time to reveal the Greys threat in the most dramatic fashion at the end of Season 2.

"It was the right time to bring in an alien adversary that you're gonna see a lot of," the showrunner teased. "I didn't want to start the series with too many aliens because I didn't want to take away from Harry's journey. And I wanted to really sink into the characters in the town. But three seasons in, it's about time to reveal the truth about these things, which is Harry's not the only alien out there. For anyone who believes in aliens, they believe — even if Harry wasn't in the show — there would probably be alien activity in this town that nobody knew about which is what's happening with Ben and Kate right now. So it seemed like the right time to ratchet it up. And we definitely have more more alien content this year with the Greys...and then beyond the Greys."

General McCallister: new friend or same old foe?

Harry Vanderspeigle and General Eleanor Wright talk in Resident Alien Episode 301.

What about that elevator ride that closed Season 2? What does Harry think about the General who is obsessed with uncovering aliens on Earth? Tudyk said Harry think's she's "stupid." But, regardless, he's going to work with her from inside the system to determine exactly what she knows, and how it might help him save Earth.

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"She's supposed to be the smartest person about aliens, and their relationship to Earth over the years. And even though they have captured UFOs or UAPs, so they have some things that seem like it would be good if you had, like maybe a spaceship in your possession. But they don't know what they have," Tudyk said of his character's assessment of her organization.

"They have half information so he's disappointed and bored by all of them. And wearing a suit is just really not his thing," Tudyk joked about Harry's new look. "He's more of a flannel guy."

Catch up on the story so far with the first two seasons of Resident Alien now streaming on Peacock! New episodes of Resident Alien premiere every Wednesday on SYFY and are available next day on Peacock.

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