Happy Presents - Imaginary Friends Anonymous

Happy Presents - Imaginary Friends Anonymous


What happens when you stop believing in your imaginary friends? They might end up in IFA ... HAPPY! is returning for Season 2, but you can catch up with all episodes of Season 1 right now online and on demand.

Season 1 Recap
Watch 02:35
Talk to Myself
Watch 01:04
Happy Presents - You're Real
Watch 01:40
Happy Presents - Driving Skills
Watch 01:33
Happy Presents - Ninjas
Watch 01:05
HAPPY! Season 2 Tease
Watch 00:15
Watch 03:25
Babes in Toyland
Watch 00:00
Party Time
Watch 01:33
Watch 02:04
The Great Escape
Watch 02:10
Stay of Execution
Watch 01:28