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May 15, 2008

For about a year now, I've been getting spam calls to my cell phone. This is more than annoying: I pay for my minutes, so this actually costs me money, directly.

A lot of these calls have a recorded voice telling me that this is the second notice of the warranty on my car expiring. Since I own a ten year old Volvo, I think maybe this call is not accurate.

Anyway, I got one of these calls today (the number of the robospammer is the title of this blog post), and I've learned not to pick up. So what a fun coincidence that LifeHacker had an article up about Caller Complaints, where you can look up phone numbers to see if others have complained as well. The site itself takes no action, but it's rather handy if you got a missed call and you're wondering whether to call it back.

So, 757-990-8980, got anything to say to me now?

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