Discovery comes home undocks tomorrow

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Nov 4, 2007

Discovery is scheduled

for a 5:30 a.m. landing to undock from the space station at 05:30 tomorrow morning. The NASA Shuttle site has some details.

But really, not very many details. Tom's Astronomy Blog has more and better info than the NASA site (and he followed up, too). Evidently the repair of a damaged ISS solar panel was quite the story, but the NASA site hardly mentions it. Instead, they have an article on the light saber that went into space.

NASA? You there? You listening?

You guys have to figure this web stuff out.

Some parts of NASA have; the science and astronomy sections I frequent are usually really good, if not outstanding. But the manned stuff is typically bland and behind the times. I can't imagine it would be that hard to find someone at KSC who could spend an hour a day to write up a nice story about the events of the things that, y'know, eat up 40% NASA's budget.

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