Houston skeptics, unite!

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Aug 20, 2008

Texas has Texas-sized problems: creationist politicians come to mind, and it's not hard to think of many more (search this blog for the word "Texas" to keep yourself amused). What's a skeptic to do?

If you are the aptly-named Geek Goddess, you start up a Houston area skeptics society! GG, as those of us in the know call her, is a force of nature (it's rumored she can melt 4 inch rebar with a single glance), and I'm not surprised she would take the initiative to do this. With her behind it, I think this could really take off. You can read more about her efforts on the JREF bulletin board.

So if you live in the greater Houston area and fret over the way things are going in your state, then drop GG a note at the above link and join her cause. We need lots more local critical thinking groups in this country, and if Texas wants to live up to its rep it better get a whole passel more.

Tip o' the ten gallon hat to the handsome and funny and drawly Sam Ogden over at Skepchick, who may not be able to melt rebar, but can still split a plate of nachos with me anytime.

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