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Aug 13, 2007

So when you run a website, your spam is different. I used to get lots of it sent to me at various misspellings of my username at badastronomy.com, and had to reconfigure my email software to deny any email not sent to the correct username. I also get lots of offers for hosting, queries to link to other sites (shocker, they tend to be porn, online pharmacies, and gambling sites), and the like.

What kills me are the spam link exchange offers. If I link to them, why, they'll link back to me! What a deal! So if I put up a link to your brand new porn site that no one has ever visited and which features prairie dogs * and leather printer cozies, then you'll bury some link back to me on one of your deep, dark pages? Sign me up!

These spam offers are semi-automated, and I delete about five or six a week. But this morning I got one I had to share:

Dear Webmaster,

We really like the look of your site . We hope you are aware of the consequence of exchanging link referrals to obtain top search engine placement for your industry keywords. [Company name redacted] have [sic] large network of websites [sic] so I would like to exchange links with your website at regular basis not once [sic, sic, sic]. I would request you to please put our link on your website page "http://www.badastronomy.com/bad/misc/planetx/links.html " with the below give link details [sic]:

Online Astrology consultation

URL:- [stupid astrology site name redacted]

Description:-Free Online Weekly,Monthly, Yearly Horoscopes / Predictions , Zodiac Horoscope Predictions, Free Astrological Birth Charts and Free Reports

How brain dead must you be to send me a request like this? I guess not 100% dead; at least they didn't ask for it to be put on my astrology page.

*Update: Oh duh. I forgot to add:

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