Louisiana’s doom, now with video!

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Jun 13, 2008

A followup on the doomination of Louisiana:

Barbara Forrest, who is fighting antiscience nonsense in that fair state, appeared on local TV to discuss this bill. Also on it were State Senator Ben Nevers, the sponsor of the creationism bill. Sen. Nevers equivocated quite readily in the interview, saying that this bill is just about updating science books, when it's clear that the bill isn't needed to update science education. The bill is also based on previous creationist bills in other states, with which Sen. Nevers says he is unfamiliar. That may very well be true, but if so it indicates a profound lack of understanding of the issue on the part of Sen. Nevers. The Disco 'tute is heavily promoting this bill, along with the far-right religious group LA Family Forum (whose mission is "[t]o persuasively present biblical principles in the centers of influence on issues affecting the family through research, communication and networking").

He also says this bill doesn't mention creationism in its language. Well, duh, of course it doesn't. After getting themselves thoroughly and humiliatingly trounced in Dover, creationists have learned to use Trojan horses. So they never specifically mention creationism, they just use buzzwords like "academic freedom" and "teaching the controversy".

There is also a heart-breaking testimony from a young woman named Dominique Magee who actually supports this bill (she's from the LA Family Forum). She thinks she's making a stand for education, but the irony is that she is helping destroy it. She even calls evolution "questionable" and a "controverisal topic" (along with human origins and global warming).

Let's be clear: these are not controversial topics. Evolution is a fact. Scientists, real scientists, are not arguing over whether evolution is real or not.

Watch the whole clip, and see for yourself just how important this fight is. You can also watch Barbara eat these creationists alive on this TV clip as well, and you can hear the LA Family Forum rep desperately try to downplay the import of this bill.

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