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Nov 13, 2008

Obviously, I know there will be no disaster, astronomical or otherwise, in the year 2012. The conspiracy theorists are full of it, there is no Nibiru, it'll be years after 2012 that solar activity (flares and such) will peak, and there is no alignment between the Earth and the Galactic core.

It's all baloney.

But that doesn't stop Hollywood! They are making a movie called, simply, 2012, and I'm sure it'll be filled to the brim with garbage. But... a trailer just came out, and it's cool. I can't resist a good disaster, especially a tsunami:

I disagree with the basic plot element of the movie, too: a worldwide disaster this large would never be able to be kept secret. Something big enough to wipe out all life would be something too big to cover up, especially just four years away. An asteroid impact, global warming, some wandering planet: we'd know about anything like that years in advance (and no melting ice cap is going to cause a flood four miles high as depicted in that trailer).

So: feh.

Amanda Peet is supposed to be in this movie, which is too bad. I love her stance against antivaxxers. But I guess she has to eat too.

Tip o' the tin foil beanie to I Watch Stuff.

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