A Storm has arrived

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Apr 21, 2011

If you don't know Tim Minchin, well, you should. He is an extremely talented songwriter and performer, a major skeptic, and also very, very funny. He has a song called "Storm", what is essentially a nine-minute beat poem about an encounter at a dinner party with a woman of decidedly unskeptical thoughts. "Storm" is hilarious, and swept through the skeptic community like, well, a storm.

At the first TAM London in 2009, Tim announced that an animated short would be made to go with the song, and now it's finally out! [NSFW language]

This is incredible work, and my hat's off to Tim, animator DC Turner, and to UK skeptic and my pal Tracy King, who worked extremely hard to get this made. All three of them were interviewed about the work over at Mad Art Lab (NSFW language) which is well worth your time to read.

Congrats to them for getting this done, and for doing such a tremendous job on it!

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