AAS #11: Pictures!

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Jan 9, 2008

I forgot to bring my camera cable with me to the press room yesterday, so I wasn't able to download pictures from camera until today (&^#%$&$ proprietary cables!). But I grabbed a few and uploaded them to my Flickr account, where they are in the AAS 2008 set. As of right now there are only a few in there, but I'll add more as they come in.

Here's a preview:

That's me wearing the astronaut glove John Grunsfeld brought to his press conference on Tuesday. I was actually miming picking my nose, but maybe this is better for delicate appetites.

That's me, Pamela, Fraser, and Rebecca (Astronomy Casters) at the blogger meetup, which was a HUGE success. I think upwards of a hundred folks were there at different times. We met lots of people from the area, including BAUT moderator Tinaa (Hi Tina!), BAUTer Neverfly, Cross Country, and Captain K, and lots of other great people. Thanks especially to George for sponsoring the event!

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