AAS Post #3: Slackers

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Jan 9, 2006

'Man oh man, have I been busy. Today has been insane. I got no sleep last night (OK, that's an exaggeration; I got two hours) because my air conditioner attacked my sinuses. After the LIGO press conference I blogged about in Part 2, I had to sit at our exhibit booth for a while. That's always fun. First, I get to sit, and second, I can just wait for friends to come to me. Makes things easier.

There was plenty of news today, and I'll try to blog about it after dinner tonight (busy busy). But I attended a talk by the fantabulous Pamela Gay of Slacker Astronomy. She gave a talk about blogging and podcasting, and she showed this slide:

You're not seeing double! Pamela shilled my stuff relentlessly, which is one of the many reasons she is so wonderful. Her talk was really good, and maybe we'll get some more astrobloggers out of it.

After I finish this entry, I'm going to a press reception which will be fun, and I hope I'll have time to write up a few paragraphs afterwards about the news from today. Tomorrow looks like it'll be even better, too. The pictures from the various space telescopes are really great, and I'll have thumbnails and links up ASAP.'

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