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Sep 7, 2009

I just heard about a movie that I'm very much looking forward to seeing: "Agora".

I was halfway through the trailer when I realized who Rachel Weisz was playing: Hypatia, one of the greatest women in all of history. It's a story -- a true one -- of religious conflict in the Roman Empire as Christianity was becoming a major force, and the old multitheistic Egyptian religion was on its way out.

Hypatia was a scientist before there was modern scientist, a mathematician and great thinker who taught at the great Library of Alexandria. She was considered one of the greatest philosophers of her time, which then meant someone who studies the natural world. She was killed by a Christian mob during what was essentially an uprising. It's one of history's major tragedies.

I don't know how historically accurate the movie will be -- I am no expert in this field -- but as a story it's a good one, and features a very strong role model for young women. I hope it winds up playing somewhere near me.

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