Because 2012 can't get any dumber...

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Jul 15, 2008

UPDATE: Oh criminy. I misread the date on the linked article; it's actually from last year, so the movie I'm talking about is probably the same one from Emmerlich. I suppose it doesn't matter much, the meat of this article remains unchanged. 2012. Feh.

Sometimes, I almost hope the world will end in 2012. Or earlier. It'll save me from finding out things like Michael Bay is going to make a movie based on the 2012 nonsense. This is on top of Roland Emmerich's efforts.

Bay was the force behind that brain trust of a movie, Armageddon, what I regard as the worst film ever made. It has precisely one accurate thing in the entire movie: it's about asteroids, and asteroids do exist. Other than that, scientifically, it makes Saturday morning cartoons look like Nobel-winning research.

So this movie will be bad. No, scratch that. To be more accurate, I can confidently predict it will suck harder than the supermassive black hole in the core of M87. I base this on long experience of suffering through Bay's movies.

Of course, there's a chance he'll surprise me. But remember: this movie will be based on the 2012 garbage. So there's not even an asteroid in it to give it one toe dipped into reality.

Feh. Fehnth.

Tip o' the tin foil beanie to BABloggee Jeff Witmer.

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