Bid on Hubble pix!

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Nov 1, 2007

Speaking of fantastic Hubble pictures...

James Randi's next full-scale Amaz!ng Meeting will be June 2008 in Vega$.

It's a bit pricey, this meeting. A lot of folks want to come, but can't afford it. To help out, an informal scholarship of sorts was started; a major source of funds for this is the annual Auction of Cool Stuff on Randi's forum.

This year, I contributed two Hubble pictures. One is a glossy image of a star-forming region, and the other a semi-gloss finish photo of an image I worked on a few years back. Both are signed by me, and the bidding is already getting hot!

If you want a cool picture and also help someone get to an

incredible amazing meeting, bid! Detailed description are in the bidding thread. Better hurry-- the auction ends on Friday!

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