Blog updated, new server, too

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Dec 11, 2007

Yesterday I upgraded to the most current version of the WordPress blogging software, which may cause some minor issues when you try to read the blog or comment. Because that wasn't enough suffering for me, I also moved the entire site to a new server; a dedicated computer that should speed things up and keep things from getting clogged when I get a lot of hits (like when a post gets on Digg or Slashdot). If you are reading this entry, then your computer has found the new server and all should be happiness and rainbows and unicorns.

Update: some folks have noticed the times on some posts and comments are wonky. The new server's clock was not set correctly, and when I reset it things got a bit messed up. New posts and comments should be fine now, and the glitch will get buried as time marches on. :-)

Update the 2nd (Dec 12): The server has had a couple of episodes of getting REALLY SLOW, and I had to reboot a few times. Fraser pointed out to me that 404 errors (pages not found) can really bog down a server. I found an icon that did not get moved properly from the old server and was generating dozens of such errors every minute. I fixed it, and not the server is really ticking along. Yay!

I am still keeping an eye on things, but it's looking like things are improving. As usual, leave a comment if you are having any problems.

My hugest thanks to Fraser Cain from Universe Today for virtually holding my hand through this process.

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