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Jul 28, 2006

Update (July 29, 2006): The style sheet has been fixed, thanks to Bad Reader Aaron Knapp! This means the layout problem in IE is definitely fixed. However, I do not have access to Safari, so if you are a Mac/Safari surfer, leave a comment here and let me know if the problem with the single column layout is fixed.

Folks, I upgraded the blog today, and there were some issues with the software. I think I fixed all the critical ones (I don't have error messages screaming at me when I try to post, for example), but I know there is at least one bug floating around; IE is displaying my sidebar at the bottom of the screen. Grrrr. I'll be fixing that one on Saturday if I can figure it out. Anyway, stick tight, and if you see anything weird, then feel free to comment.

It looks like I'll have to upgrade again soon, too, since they're releasing another patch to WordPress. Sigh. It's good software, and I recommend it to people who are starting blogs. But once you start to hack the code, like I did for this theme, upgrading gets complicated. Bear with me please.

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