Boulder fireball

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Nov 6, 2007

At 10:32 p.m. Mountain time last night (Monday) I was sitting on my couch watching the tube when I suddenly saw a bright object falling in the distance. From where I was the view was broken up by trees, so I couldn't see if it was a bright thin line or wide and flaming or what. Being inside a lit room and looking out into the dark made it hard to tell what I was seeing as well. I couldn't tell if it stopped being bright while still in the sky or went below the horizon. It sure looked like it flamed out as I watched. The whole event took less than a second. I went outside but saw and heard nothing going on.

Did anyone else in the Boulder area see anything at that time? From where I am it was to the north by northeast, and was perhaps 20-30 degrees above the horizon, heading straight down.

I'm just curious to know if this was an actual meteor (really, a bolide given how bright it was) or some local kids shooting off fireworks!

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