Brains on Vacation

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Sep 4, 2007

Well, I'm still on the cruise, and for the moment there's nothing really new to report. We had a formal night last night (I wore a tux, but the pictures weren't focused, so you'll have to wait until the next formal night to see me as James Bond), and today was the visit to Ketchikan, Alaska. Mrs. BA and I didn't stay out long; I had to put the finishing touches on my presentation tomorrow, and we wanted to hit the hot tub anyway. :-)

Anyway, to keep you occupied until tomorrow's update (which will include notes about my talk), you should click on over to the SETI radio show "Are We Alone" and take a listen to Skeptical Sunday -- I do my "Brains on Vacation" gig, and talk about global warming and cellular mosquito repellent (MP3 and WMA).

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