Can *I* torture people who say things I don’t like?

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Aug 28, 2007

I'm just askin', because that seems to be the way this current Administration operates. They "interrogated" two whistleblowers who were trying to stop a company from selling arms to Iraqi insurgents. Y'know, those guys who are killing our guys.

In a previous post, I said Bush "is killing us all". I was taken to task for it.

I guess the commenter has a point; Bush isn't killing us all. Just 4000 so far, and gagging, demoting, and "interrogating" those who call him out or don't toe the party line.

But he is certainly spying on us all. I sure feel safer. I'll be thinking of that next time I take my shoes off in the airport security line, and when I'm forced to dump my water bottle because of the War on Liquids.

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