Canis Minor injury

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May 13, 2008

You know, it's just not a party until someone shows up with a lamp shade on her head.

No, really, we were having a hard time hearing her bark, so we set her up with a surgically-attached megaphone.

No, really, she's going to a costume party as Queen Elizabeth.

OK, fine. On Sunday, not long after I got back from Michigan, she tore her foot open a little bit near her upper pad on her left leg. The dog next door started barking, Canis Minor* chased after her (there's a fence between the yards and the dogs love mixing it up with the fence between them), and turned a minor injury into a pretty big and gruesome gash, 10 cm long and quite deep. A trip to the animal hospital later (of course this had to happen on the one day our regular vet was closed, so we get charged extra for the emergency) and she had the dressing and the collar on. She also came home stoned out of her mind from the procedure, which was actually pretty funny. She came down after a few hours and is now more like her normal self.

That's why the live video chat was late, and I appreciate the well-wishes from all the listeners. CM is feeling a lot better, but the dressing stays on for several more days. She'll be hopping around quite a bit for a while, but she doesn't seem to mind the collar. She's a weird dog.

*In the long-standing blog tradition, this is a pseudonym.

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