Carolyn Porco’s lecture

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Apr 28, 2008

We just got back from Carolyn Porco's talk in Boulder about the Cassini mission to Saturn (yes, my whole family went -- quite the occasion!). It was, as usual, very inspiring and interesting -- and this is the third time I've seen it. I never get tired of seeing the iconic image of a Saturnian eclipse (click to enlargify):

... which is why I chose it as the best image of 2006. And of course, afterwards there were lots of people talking with her, so I basically just waved hello and got the family home. I actually like that picture of her talking to a woman from the audience; when you take still pictures you capture a moment that is not always perceived by eye. Sometimes you catch people in funny expressions (with their eyes closed or their mouths drooping open and such) but in this one it looks like the woman is making a particularly interesting point, and Carolyn is responding in tune with her.

As usual, I really recommend attending her talks. They're very uplifting.

A gold star to whoever can tell me what moon she named her coat after.

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