Comedy, bosons, and art

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Jul 2, 2008

Three great things that go great together, I've always said.

Chris Morris, a brilliantly funny man, was at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider with me when I visited in April. He was very earnest while we were there, but then at dinner we were dying with laughter. He wrote up his exploits for The Guardian, and it's great. If you're curious, I'm the one he calls Astroblogger.

Interestingly, writer Mike Sizemore has a thoughtful reply up on Creative Choices. Gia, who was at CERN (and who's married to Brian Cox and is totally cool), wrote a lengthy reply to Sizemore's reply.

I suppose my own blog post here is a reply3. I think I'll end the lovefest here though, and just tell you to read all of it. Everyone talks about why science is important, and big science is cool.

But I will add you can see Gia's pictures of all us at CERN on her Flickr account.

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