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Oct 26, 2008

Readers, BABloggees, potential commenters: In the past couple of days I've had to lay the smackdown to some commenters. Now, I don't mind the occasional handing of the head to someone who so desperately needs it, but my time is limited, and I cannot stamp FAIL on everyone's forehead no matter how richly they deserve it.

Instead, I will point you to two things:

1) My commenting policy. It boils down to, "Don't be a jerk." Hint: if you're wondering whether you're stepping over the line of my policy, you probably are.

2) More importantly, perhaps, is my statement on posts dealing with politics and religion. Face it: the next week or two I will not be posting less on politics. I'll be posting more. A large fraction of the time McCain or Palin open their mouths, some antiscience nonsense spews forth (as opposed to what comes out all the time). When they do (or in the event that Obama and Biden do as well -- but if you don't understand that's more likely on the R side than the D one, you might want to spend some quality time in my archives) I will call them out. If you don't like it, then I hear the electrons are much tastier on other blogs. Give them a bite.

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