Congress saves Fermilab!

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Jul 1, 2008

Jeebus, how much good news from Congress can we stand? Last Thursday, they gave Fermilab enough funding to continue their mission (more info here); something that was in so much doubt that the lab was about to start laying people off. Like, the next day. So this was just in time.

I hadn't written about this, but budget cuts at Fermilab were gutting the place, and morale was getting pretty bad. This turnaround must be lighting the lab up. It's extremely heartening to see this from Congress. As usual, if your Rep had anything to do with this, please let them know how you feel!

And hmmm... I wonder if the new Illinois Representative Bill Foster -- a particle physicist from Fermilab -- had anything to do with this?

Tip o' the Higgs boson to BABlogee Quinton Champer.

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