Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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Jul 15, 2006

What the heck is this thing???

It's a physonect siphonophore, of course. Duh.

I just know PZ is going to love this: the siphonophore image is from a website that has incredible high-resolution images of truly wondrous and bizarre beasties dwelling in our oceans. Here's what they say about themselves:

Through close collaboration with key players in the oil and gas industry, the "Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing iNdustrial Technology" (SERPENT) project aims to make cutting-edge ROV technology and data more accessible to the world's science community, sharing knowledge and progressing deep-sea research. The programme will interact with science and conservation groups globally and transparently communicate our project to the public to increase the awareness of our fragile marine resources.

I am always leery of such corporations when they go a bit green, but this may very well be on the up-and-up. And the images are stunning, well worth a weekend once-over.

...via BoingBoing.

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