The Disco 'tute's lack of scope

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Jul 9, 2008

I sometimes wonder if the Discovery Institute dissembles so reflexively that they can't even remember what they say from one press release to the next.

The "Intelligent Design" "think tank" has given money to Guillermo Gonzalez, who was denied tenure at Iowa State U for not doing anything he needed to do to actually get tenure. Things like, oh say, publish papers and get grants. The fact that Gonzalez is a proponent of antiscience had nothing to do with it, though I support strongly the idea of denying tenure to people who actively promote antiscience.

Still and all, Gonzalez was let go, and the Disco 'tute went ballistic. Now they are triumphantly proclaiming how they are supporting Gonzalez by getting him a telescope and grants to continue his work.

The ridiculous spin being used by the 'tute is ably and aptly put down by Josh Roseneau at Thoughts from Kansas.

I'll add that the 'tute made a big deal of Gonzalez's denial of tenure, saying it was due to his religious beliefs. And now they're saying that research done to support Gonzalez's work will support ID. So that means, clearly, and not for the first time, that they think ID is a religion.

Those 'tuters are a funny group. Maybe they really think they're telling the truth, so they don't expect us reality-based folks to check up on them.

Oh-- I'll add that back in February I predicted this very situation (read the last paragraph). Maybe I should apply for Randi's million.

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