Do you like to photograph heavenly bodies?

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Jan 21, 2009

Taking pictures of the sky is an amazingly fun thing to do. It's not terribly hard to get decent shots of stars, and I've taken quite a few lovely pictures of planets and satellites myself with nothing more than a tripod and an off-the-shelf digital camera.

If you have taken some good pictures of the sky -- through a telescope or otherwise -- then I suggest you take a look at the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest being hosted by the Royal Greenwich Observatory, BBC's Sky at Night magazine, and the (UK) National Maritime Museum. Join up, submit a photo, and you could win £1000!

Haha. A little metric humor there. Actually, I think 1000 quid is a cubic hectare. Or is that only for liquids?

Anyway, my friend Chris Lintott is one of the judges, and I rather envy him the job he'll have of going through all the submissions they're bound to get. They've already got some stunning images on Flickr. But if you have something you just know has them all beat, submit it!

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