The Doctor and the Captain

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Oct 6, 2008

Doctor Who SPOILERS. Srsly.

Rumors have been flying for a couple of weeks that Patrick Stewart might get a role on Doctor Who.

I know. I'll give you a moment to squee.

OK, so now the rumors appear to be true. Stewart (according to the article, allegedly, etc. etc.) has been offered the role of the

Mad Meddling Monk, a renegade Time Lord last seen in 1966, long before I watched the show (being a toddler at the time). Negotiations are ongoing.

So why didn't the Doctor know the Monk was still alive when all Time Lords are dead? Well, the Master was human, so they can't use that again. My prediction: the

Mad Meddling Monk was trapped at the event horizon of a black hole. Time dilation would make it impossible for the Doctor to sense him (it better be a supermassive black hole, or else the tides would shred him).

We'll see. But this promises to be a scenery chewer to end them all.

Tip o' the tricorder to none other than Wil. I've known about this for weeks, but he was the first to point to a source that made it out to be more than a rumor, so he wins.

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