Doctor Who Season 4 bootleg trailer

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Feb 13, 2008

More Doctor Who news: folks in the UK who went to the cinema this week got to see a new trailer for the Doctor Who Season 4. If you're a fan, then this is a pretty cool trailer. Spoilers ho!

Ood! Donna! Martha! And yes, Rose, though that looked to be a clip from an old episode. Still. Mmmmmm, Rose.

But no Sontarans? Oh well, I can wait. Oops! There are Sontarans; I mistook them for Jidoon. :-)

What's funny is how this stuff is released. A film trailer is a great idea, but these folks really need to drop these on teh intertoobs in high quality. The Trek trailer was on YouTube for like two days before it hit the official site. That's just silly. Doctor Who has an international audience, so they should really be letting us see what we want! Old media still just doesn't get it.

Tip o' the sonic screwdriver to BABloggee Stuart Lowe.

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