Dowsing, Divining, and Debunking Down Under

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Jun 1, 2006

My good friend Richard Saunders (truly a super man) hails from Sydney, Australia. He is co-partner of Mystery Investigators, and among his many talents (including fantastic origami) he is a videographer and editor.

He has been furiously putting lots of wonderful skeptical videos online at Google Video. You can watch James Randi take on water dowsers (people who claim they can sense water underground), or you can see footage from the 2004 National Australian Skeptics meeting in Sydney, where a panel discussed creationism-- I was on that panel, and had a lot of fun. Some of the sound is hard to hear, but luckily I don't speak with that weird Ozzie accent, so you can understand me.

There are several other videos posted too, so you can laze away your Friday (or weekend) checking out how those upside-down koala-smacking galahs and drongos fare under the withering stare of the Australian Skeptics.

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