Dragon*Con 2007

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Jul 29, 2007

Oh, how I wish I were going to Dragon*Con this year! But I can't; I'm cruising to Alaska with James Randi instead. Tough world (seriously, it was a very tough choice). But to make it worse, Derek Colanduno from Skepticality has posted a list of skeptical activities at D*C, and it's a killer schedule. If you're a skeptic in the Atlanta area you should get your critical brain to Derek and Swoopy's panels! Michael Shermer will be there, Benjamin Radford, Jeff Wagg from Randi's org (he's flying out to go on the cruise the next day!), Mike Stackpole, the fantabulous George Hrab, Pamela Gay, an old friend and half of the Astronomy Cast team -- it's a great list of folks.

And of course, you see stuff like this:

But only stuff like that, since I won't be there. Sigh.

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