Dunkin’ Donutsoid

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May 28, 2008

Not that there was much danger of me going there in the first place, but I'll never go to a Dunkin' Donuts again.

Why not?

Because they pulled this ad.

Honestly. Michelle Malkin couldn't make a logical conclusion if it were beamed into her brain with a 40 megawatt laser. If you're going to pull an ad over her ravings, then you don't deserve my coin. Instead, stick up for your principles, say publicly and loudly that there is a section of the populace that clearly is a razor's edge from insanity, and then use the publicity to sell more product. I'll be first in line.

Sheesh. I can't keep giving advice out like this for free.

Although I had heard that Malkin was frothing over this ad, I didn't know it had been pulled until I saw it at John Scalzi's blog, so tip o' the kiffiyeh to him... and he said it pretty well there too. And for the inevitable commenters who will complain about this post: it's this type of bad thinking and poor decision making and craven behavior that allow antiscience to flourish, so not only is this perfectly in line with the goals of this blog, it would be wrong of me not to point it out.

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