Erin, go brag

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Jul 20, 2007

Indulge me for a moment, please.

One thing I like about reading blogs is that a good writer can write on any topic and make it interesting. Through the sheer number of people blogging, you are likely to find some folks like that, but they are still rare gems.

Erin O'Brien is one such blogger. She cracks me up, every time, and it doesn't matter what she blogs about. Her video blogs make me laugh, too, and sometimes all it takes is her mugging into the camera. That knowing look, the shared inside joke...

We've sent emails back and forth, and a little while back she sent me a copy of her book, Harvey and Eck. I have my own to write, and shouldn't let myself get distracted, but how could I not read it through? It's like sitting down next to Erin and having her whisper in my ear for hours, and I am but a mortal man.

She also sent me a CD with songs inspired by the Moon, as her book was so inspired. Again, how could I resist?

I have to mention: her blog is frequently (and wonderfully) NSFW. I won't say why, but you'll see when you go there.

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