Everything bigger than 200 miles

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May 23, 2007

This very cool image shows you all the objects in the solar system bigger than 200 miles in diameter. Well, it doesn't include the solar corona, or Jupiter's magnetosphere, but it does include planets, asteroids, moons, and one star. Very nifty. And yeah, this has been around a while, but I'm sitting in my empty house (the furniture has all been moved out and is on its way to Colorado), I was up late last night packing, up early this morning finishing packing, and we just got back from the Little Astronomer performing in her school play ("Mary Poppins", for those taking notes, and she was great). So, my point is: I'm tired, and went through my old blog entry drafts looking for something easy. :-)

Tip o' the lens cap to ToSeek.

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