A few more Bad Universe reviews

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Aug 31, 2010

It's been a couple of days, and more reviews of "Bad Universe" have come in:

- My brother from another mother Fraser Cain at Universe Today

- My alma mater's online mag UVa Today

- Gotham Skeptic

- The Bollingbrook Babbler (that's a satirical newspaper, so there ya go)

- Hey Freqs!

- Pop Army

- My friend Evan Bernstein from Skeptics' Guide to the Universe wrote up his thoughts at The Ness

- I started a thread on Reddit

- The science and scifi blog io9

The reviews are all still very positive, which makes me happy, since I can send the links to Discovery Channel instead of pestering them myself. If you know of more reviews, please link to them in the comments below! If you find a negative one, don't hesitate to link to it; I want to know what people think so we can make the better... if we get that chance.

A lot of folks are asking when it will play in their country. I don't know, except that Discovery Asia will air it in November, and Discovery Canada is looking into it - and that latter was due to people on Twitter asking them. So don't ever think you can't influence what gets aired on TV, folks. Power to the Tweeple!

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