Helping out

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Jun 28, 2010

While poking around the interwebz, I happened on this lovely blog post by Liza, The Skeptical Librarian. It's about helping others, and it's really quite nice. I agree with her; being able to give someone a helping hand on the odd occasion is a great way to encourage a little more friendliness. Being nice is contagious, too. Maybe not quite as virulent as snark, which is why a lot of us have to work harder at it, but the reward is for real and for sure a nicer world with nicer people.

I'm where I am today because a few people in the right place and at the right moment extended their hand to me. I've tried to do that when I can as well.

I do disagree with Liza on at least one point though: she's a good writer. And her message rings true to me, as I hope it does with you, too.

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