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Aug 14, 2006

I don't generally link to a blog just because someone asks me too, but this one is different and I think will be of interest to BABloggees.

The International Astronomical Union is (AFAIK) the largest professional society of astronomers on the planet. The meetings are quite the affair, and in general a lot of cool news comes out of them. To keep up with that, astronomer Thomas Marquart has created a site where astronomers can live-blog the meeting. This is a great opportunity to see how different astronomers perceive what's going on around them in the middle of all that chaos. :-) It should make for a fun and interesting read.

Thomas told me it will only be up temporarily, so read it while you can! The meeting is in Prague (sigh, oh, I wish I could have gone!) from August 14 - 25.

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