I’ll have the Silver Dollar pancakes and a probe to go, please

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Mar 16, 2007
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I gotta admit, this is funny. It used to be a Denny's in Roswell, New Mexico, but someone bought it and changed the name.

The signs under the eaves are even better.

The left one says "Do not attempt to approach a downed balloon yourself" and the other says "Only you can prevent mass hysteria."

Of course, this could be from a sarcastic UFO believer, but it might also be from someone cashing in on the UFO craze, too. Without evidence, who can say? At least the photo isn't blurry.

Sigh-- I hate to explain a joke, but just in case, I'll make an exception just this once.

Anyway, I've never been to Roswell, but if I ever am, I will certainly sit and have breakfast at this establishment. I'll also leave a big tip. But I might steal a saucer.

Tip o' the tin foil hat to Jack Dunn of the Mueller Planetarium.