I’ve been hacked

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Mar 1, 2007

Golram, I hate frakking hackers.

I've been hacked, with some jerkwad putting tons of dirty links into my content to point to his site. The links are set up in such a way that they never get displayed in my blog; they are in the content but don't appear in the actual entry when you read it. They probably did this to get links to their site from highly-placed sites (that can be valuable when people search google for certain search terms).

I believe this was done before I upgraded to a newer, more secure version of WordPress. I have edited a few entries, but there are lots with this garbage in them. If you subscribe to my blog through an RSS feed or via email, you may be seeing a flood of posts as they are edited. My apologies. Believe me, you're not nearly as put out as I am.

*^@$#&#*$^@#* hackers.

Update: I think I caught it all, and deleted the bad stuff. I'm very very sorry if this put anyone out.

Update 2 (Saturday March 3): I have cleaned everything up and upgraded the software as well. This should be the end of it...

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