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Dec 8, 2005

Looking for a holiday present for the scientifically-minded spouse/friend/co-worker/sibling/relative/acquaintance/secret admirer? Here's something a little different.

Astronomer and author Craig Wheeler wrote a book in 1988 called The Krone Experiment. It's a scientifically-based potboiler thriller, and pretty enjoyable. I won't give away what the science is (since it's critical -- some might say integral, har har-- to the plot), but it's pretty accurate, as you might expect from a professional astronomical theorist.

I worked with Craig years ago on a big astronomical project involving supernovae when I discovered he'd written a book. And now it turns out the book has been made into a movie! Here's the website for the DVD. I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to. Even though I know how it ends, it'll be interesting to see it through someone else's eyes. I'll drop a hint to Mrs. BA about getting it for me... I'll have some time over the holidays to snuggle up in front of a good sci-fi thriller.

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