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Aug 20, 2010

I hate spammers as much as anyone. Maybe more, since I have to deal with them as a blogger, too.

LinkedIn isn't a spammer site, but I do get emails every now and again from someone asking me to join their network there. I signed up for LinkedIn ages ago but never use it since I 1) don't plan on applying for a job soon, or ever; b) don't plan on hiring anyone any time soon, or ever; and γ) find most networking sites irritating.

So anyway, I got an email notifying me of LinkedIn join request, prompting me to go to the site and redo my settings to stop getting emails. I logged in, and it put up a Captcha screen: one of those forms where you have to type in displayed words to prove you're not a robot.

I have no issue with this... usually. But here is what LinkedIn wanted me to do:

Riiiight. Now let's see, where's my π key?

So, lacking a Greek keyboard* I've decided to let things stand as they are. I can delete emails as they come in, I suppose, and in fact that almost makes it seem like I'm getting something done (Look! My inbox went from 315 to 314! Woohoo!). And if I ever find myself in Greece and need to log in, I'll just borrow someone else's keyboard.


*When I tried to use the audio option, it started reciting numbers at me. Um, thanks?

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