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Dec 3, 2006

If you have some time, and feel like kicking back and listening to scientists talk science, then here are some fun podcasts:

  1. For the "Are We Alone" radio show I did an interview about sci-fi monsters with Lori Marino. You can listen to that as an MP3 or as a WMA file.
  2. Also for "Are We Alone", my regular "Brains on Vacation" bit asks the question "Does prayer work?" The answer: nope. MP3, and WMA.
  3. Jill Tarter, also of SETI, and who swears that she is not the basis of the character Ellie Arroway from Sagan's novel "Contact", was in New Zealand and gave a talk on the search for little green men. I haven't listened to it yet, but Jill is fun and I expect it's pretty good.

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