Live video chat Saturday (today!) at 15:00 Mountain Time

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Jul 19, 2008

YALVC (yet another live video chat) is going down today at 15:00 Mountain time (21:00 UT). All you need to do is click play (the little curly arrow at the bottom left) in the embedded video player below. But! Just listening to me talk may be confusing (and has been determined by the AMA to cause vertigo, the vapors, and, in some people, swooning), so I encourage you to go to my UStream video page so you can participate in the chat. Once there, you can change your name by typing "/nick Steven Moffat" (or whatever) so you can be listed with an actual name. If you prefer to use mIRC or Colloquy or whatever, then the server is and the room is #bad-astronomy.

Live .TV show provided by Ustream

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