Migrating to a new server

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Dec 28, 2005

Loyal readers (and if you're new, or not loyal, you can read this too):

Big changes are afoot at Bad Astronomy. I have some plans that will improve the website and blog considerably over the next few weeks, and by improve I don't mean "make crappy like the 'improved' Coke, or the way the cereal manufacturer have 'improved' Cocoa Puffs by making them whole grain, which removes any hint of flavor".

No, things will get better. The first step in this process is to move Bad Astronomy to a new server that gives me more disk space, more bandwidth, and more freedom in general. That move is happening in the next few minutes after I post this. Because for a while the site will exist in two places (until the domain name servers catch up), I am shutting off commenting to the blog. This is temporary; it'll be back on by Thursday evening Pacific time if all goes well. I hope no one minds.

In the end, you shouldn't notice any difference at all. The blog and main site will always work, but you won't be able to post comments for a few hours.

So bear with me please! And if you see any problems, please email me.

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