More about Supernova 1987A

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Feb 24, 2007

The 20th anniversary of this doomed star appears to be bringing out the memories in folks. Steve Maran -- astronomer, press officer for the American Astronomical Society, author of Astronomy for Dummies, and the man largely responsible for helping my PR career out when I was just getting started -- has written a little slice of history from his memories of that day in 1987 when a star bloomed in the southern skies.

There is a meeting in Aspen right now for astronomers who study SN87A. I toyed with the idea of going, but without any funding to support me that idea didn't last long. I'm hoping to hear stories (OK, gossip) from the meeting eventually, and if I do I'll post 'em.

Don't forget to read Jennifer Ouelette's blog about it too. She's a great writer.

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