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Sep 3, 2009

As you read this I will be somewhere between Boulder and Atlanta (inclusive), attending Dragon*Con, one of my favorite weeks of the year. D*C is a huge (45,000+attendees) convention about scifi, science, fantasy, comics, and also skepticism. Like last year, the JREF has a big presence at the con, and Derek Colanduno from Skepticality, who runs the Skeptic Track, has lots of critical thinking stuff planned.

Below is my schedule, and as you can see it'll keep me hopping. I'll barely have time to go dancing again with Felicia Day and hang with Patrick Stewart and William Shatner! I need to pencil them in...

THURSDAY Star Party in memory of Jeff Medkeff Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: The Bradley Observatory at Agnes Scott College FRIDAY

Title: Who Are The Skeptics? Time: 01:00 pm Location: 207 / 206 / 205 - Hilton Description: An introduction to a few of the well known Skeptics and what their passions are.


Title: What Do We Do Now? Time: 10:00 am Location: 207 / 206 / 205 - Hilton Description: Skeptics we are faced with an overwhelming feeling that there is so much out there which needs attention. The annual Jeff Medkeff memorial panel.

Title: The Astronomer, the Alien Hunter, and a UFO Skeptic Time: 07:00 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom - Hilton Description:

Three Four of the world's leading researchers, and skeptics (Pamela Gay, Seth Shostak, Joe Nickell, and me) discuss the state of UFO and Alien paranoia here and around the world.

Title: Myths In the Movies: How NOT to do Space Exploration Time: 10:00 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom - Hilton Description: Don't miss these kindred scientists (Kevin Grazier, Jaime Paglia (producer of Eureka) and me) rip apart the biggest myths & fallacies in Sci-Fi TV & movies. Better than a comedy show; guaranteed laughs!


Title: Are We Alone: A Discussion Time: 10:00 am Location: 207 / 206 / 205 - Hilton Description: Seth Shostak, Pamela Gay and I discuss the current public outreach goals of SETI, and how using the skeptical mindset relates to the work at SETI as a whole.

Title: Stealth Science and Skeptical Thought, aka How to Teach Critical Thinking Skills Time: 11:30 am Location: Centennial II - III - Hyatt Moderator / MC for panel Description: As skepticism becomes more mainstream, My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™, Scott Sigler, Rebecca Watson, and Melissa Kaertcher discuss the non-traditional ways they promote science and skeptical thinking. I'm moderating this panel.

Title: JREF Presents: How You Can Combat Woo Time: 02:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom - Hilton Description: We live in troubled times, but we can make a bit impact on the world at large. Learn how you can be a major player in shaping the world of tomorrow. Jeff Wagg, Maria Walters, Naomi Baker, D. J. Grothe, and me.

Title: Dragon*Reading: Phil Plait Time: 04:00 pm Location: Marietta - Hyatt I'll be doing a dramatic reading from my book, Death from the Skies! Interpretive dance? Maybe.


Title: Dragon*Autograph Time: Mon 10:00 am Location: M301 - M304 - Marriott I'm signing books! Buy two!

So as you can see I'll be busy. I'll also be seen at the JREF and IYA tables in the hallway, too, so drop by and say hi!

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