MySpace: add me! And GLAST!

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Sep 8, 2006

I've had a MySpace page for months, and for some reason it never occurred to me to say anything about it here. So now I am. If you have a MySpace page, go ahead and add me as a friend!

And while you're at it, I have another request: add GLAST, too! A few months ago, my group at work stumbled on this idea to create MySpace pages for our satellites as a lark, to see what would happen. Then the more we thought about it, the better the idea got. We can put in updates, links to other satellites, add pictures, and have some fun with it. So there you go, the Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope gets the first one (here's more info on GLAST, too). At some point we'll have to let the GLAST management know we did this, but maybe if we wait until we have a few hundred friends they won't yell at us quite so much.

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